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Hi, I'm Rebecca!

I have a passion for books and writing, and I enjoy sharing my love of literature with others. I love to read, write, and talk about books. When I'm not reading or writing, you'll find me spending time with my family and friends.

I'm the host of The Write Point Podcast, where I discuss all things books, marketing, and writing with my guests. 

I'm the author of The Book Marketing Handbook for Non-book Marketers: The author's guide to the perfect book marketing plan, which will be available to purchase later this year. I've written e-books such as, Creating Believable Characters, How to Use Social Media to Sell More Books, and The Happy Homeschooling Mom. 

If you're looking for someone to help you with your writing project, or if you just want to chat about books, I'm your girl!
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Writing a book may seem daunting, and it is if you want it to be successful!

Many business owners have a lot of knowledge and experience to share, but they may not have the time or inclination to write a book. That's where ghostwriting comes in. 
If you're considering writing a business book, it's definitely worth considering ghostwriting services. A ghostwriter can help you to organize your thoughts, determine the focus of your book, and write engaging, compelling copy.
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