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authors are expected to do more than just write their books, they're also responsible for marketing them

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The book marketing landscape has changed dramatically in recent years, and authors can no longer rely on traditional marketing methods to reach their audience. They need a comprehensive book marketing plan that takes into account all of the different ways that readers discover and consume books.

The Book Marketing Handbook for Non-Marketers is the perfect guide for authors who want to create a book marketing plan that gets results. Packed with actionable advice and real-world examples, this book shows authors how to identify their target audience, craft an achievable book marketing strategy, and execute their plan with precision.

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Quotation Mark

I recently read the Book Marketing Handbook for Non-Marketers, and it was a truly helpful resource. It was well organized, easy to understand and gave me plenty of valuable tips and tricks on how to market my book. The advice was practical and applicable which made it simple to implement what I learned. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for guidance on how to market their own book.

Quotation Mark

It’s been a great resource. I’m glad you said there will be an email course with it. It is a lot of information. I feel like I need to read each chapter “pause” and implement the ideas to really learn them. I feel like I would read the book once start to finish then take it apart to work on my book marketing plan using it as a guide. So far all the information is clear and easy to follow.

Quotation Mark

I loved it! So much info packed into bite sized pieces, thank you for writing this! Will it be available as paperback in the future? I’d really like to own it physically for the talking points in it even if that makes the clickable link not well…clickable. But really, I’d be super happy to physically own this. It’s got great points, some I’d heard and forgotten and some I had no idea about. Keep me posted on it! I want to know more.

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Rebecca Vargas-Clark is an entrepreneur, author, and podcast host. She has a passion for books and writing, and enjoys sharing her love of literature with others. Her mission is to share writing, editing, and book marketing tips so that every book has the chance to become a best-seller!

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